Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A hint of blue in the garden.

Every time I go up the back to the sewing room I have been risking life and limb passing the Easter Daisies as they are covered in bees at the moment. I went out to see if I could get a photo to show you just how prolific they are and of course got distracted by that garden again!

While I was trying to photograph the bees I saw this  wasp among the flowers

Then I spied a different one and my heart beat faster.

And when it opened its wings I knew that I was finally going to achieve something I had been trying to do for  few years.

A Blue Wasp appeared in the Rose garden  3 or 4 years ago and I really wanted to get a photo of one, but they never seemed to land.

I had first seen them in my Mum's garden in Lakes Entrance flying around but never landing. 

And finally I have caught up with one!!!

Apparently they are a very good wasp to have in your garden. You can read about them here.

Second Take

I thought I had better go and get some bee photos seeing as that was the original intention. I think the Easter Daisies win the contest for attracting the most diverse bunch of insects and probably the most interesting too. 

It wasn't hard to get a photo or two of the bees once I focused on the bees.

  But then there was one of these.

And that first wasp I saw turned out to be more interesting than first thought, although he was a little more aggressive than the Blue winged wasp.

And then I spied another little fellow I hadn't seen before, with a pretty striped abdomen. He was sharing the flowers with the Blue winged wasp and a bee or two.

Very distinctive stripes.

That was enough for me. The bees were attacking anything that wasn't one of them and I was a bit worried that it may eventually include me.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Early Autumn Sunday

I was asked if I was going to continue with this Blog the other day. It has been over a year!!! Life took me somewhere else for a little while but now I am trying to get back to what I love to do. A wander around the garden is always a good way to get started. Thank you Pam.