Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A hint of blue in the garden.

Every time I go up the back to the sewing room I have been risking life and limb passing the Easter Daisies as they are covered in bees at the moment. I went out to see if I could get a photo to show you just how prolific they are and of course got distracted by that garden again!

While I was trying to photograph the bees I saw this  wasp among the flowers

Then I spied a different one and my heart beat faster.

And when it opened its wings I knew that I was finally going to achieve something I had been trying to do for  few years.

A Blue Wasp appeared in the Rose garden  3 or 4 years ago and I really wanted to get a photo of one, but they never seemed to land.

I had first seen them in my Mum's garden in Lakes Entrance flying around but never landing. 

And finally I have caught up with one!!!

Apparently they are a very good wasp to have in your garden. You can read about them here.

Second Take

I thought I had better go and get some bee photos seeing as that was the original intention. I think the Easter Daisies win the contest for attracting the most diverse bunch of insects and probably the most interesting too. 

It wasn't hard to get a photo or two of the bees once I focused on the bees.

  But then there was one of these.

And that first wasp I saw turned out to be more interesting than first thought, although he was a little more aggressive than the Blue winged wasp.

And then I spied another little fellow I hadn't seen before, with a pretty striped abdomen. He was sharing the flowers with the Blue winged wasp and a bee or two.

Very distinctive stripes.

That was enough for me. The bees were attacking anything that wasn't one of them and I was a bit worried that it may eventually include me.


Susan said...

Such a total treat to see what was in your garden.
We keep bees and they're such busy little creatures, your photos have captured them very cleverly Jackie.
The colours of the blue wasp's wings are just brilliant aren't they. I can imagine your excitement at finally being able to photograph them. Well done and thank you for sharing all those gorgeous pics :D)

Sandy said...

Great shots Jackie! Particularly love that blue wasp, his wings are spectacular. I think my favourite insect is the blue banded bee and he has featured in several of our posts. Thank you!

sandy said...

Love those white flower photos with the bugs! Great shots.