Saturday, April 5, 2014

Playing with a new lens

I have been wanting a telescopic lens and a macro lens forever and considering the expense of lenses I didn't think I would have either anytime in the future. I came across a Tamron lens that actually incorporates both and as it was a not too expensive option I decided to give it a go. Now you have to be a little gentle on the critiquing of these photos as they are some of the very first photos I have taken using the lens. There may be a little shaking with excitement, a little impatience to actually set it properly for the light and a little randomness in the subject matter.  Having spent most of the day shopping in Albury, then coming home and doing a couple of hours housework probably didn't help the concentration either but I didn't want to and couldn't wait to try it out tomorrow. The insects are taken with the telephoto lens and the fungi with macro.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh good on you Jackie. I'm no professional at all but I love what I see. The only way we can ever learn is to get in and snap away isn't it.
Those delightful fungi curves and layers and texture are something else. I love them and they're so irresistible to photograph.
The softness of the distant hills in your first photo is the perfect backdrop to the beautiful scenery.
Well done and enjoy having fun with your new lens :D)