Saturday, April 26, 2014

I am still working out this new lens of mine and have taken a lot of photos, the trick is finding the time to sit and pick the best of them to get them on here. Anyway here is what I have been up to since I was here last. I haven't really got into the Macro side of the lens yet but it will happen soon.


There are still a lot of birds around foraging in the garden and the paddock. Flocks of Galahs, still more Ibis and a Magpie or two can be seen out there most days. The little birds are far too quick for me most of the time but I do manage to catch a sparrow now and then. It makes it very hard to accomplish anything when Fred the cat insists on following me around when I have the camera in my hand!.


The Bees have mostly been replaced by European Wasps now that the Ivy is in flower. There is an odd hornet and other strange bugs with scary pointy stingers or tails (not sure which).


The leaves are changing on the trees but I found the leaves on the Scottish Elm to be more interesting. They are like pieces of lace.  Leaves hang by the wisp of a spiders web and slowly twirl in the breeze and the Virginia Creeper is a blaze of colour.


One afternoon the horses were near the fence and I loved the way the sunlight picked out their faces or highlighted the hair under their mouths.


Sandy said...

Heaps to choose from Jackie. Love the leaves. Those bugs do make a nice pattern, but not too good for the leaves.

Susan said...

Hi Jackie, a nice selection of photos here. Isn't the lace effect beautiful! It's often the simplest things that have a big impact - especially when you've downloaded them and see them on a bigger screen.
I think that background in the last bird photo is quite stunning and, do you know, for a few days I was eyeing off those nubby nobbly little flower heads of the ivy on our walks while in Canberra - kept forgetting to bring the camera. They look so good.
Your horse pics are just fabulous... something about them isn't there. I think they love posing!!
Can see you're enjoying your photography. It's so addictive isn't it!! Cheers now :D)

Celyn PS said...

beautiful photos! loving the leaves ones, they look so artistic! and the third photo is such an interesting bird, dont think i've seen one like it before! thanks for sharing!